About me

Being a photographer was never in my plan for myself. It just happened when I got my first digital camera and my first models (my daughter and my son). Started clicking a lot of their pictures. As a mom, that was the best way to freeze memories and moments. Every single one of their pictures brought back a lot of memories and I couldn’t remember the exact time and place and the feeling I had when I took that picture. I haven’t stopped clicking, refining and admiring pictures since then. Now it has become my medium of expression - an obsession, my passion.

About my style of photograph, I think a style is finally evolving. One thing for sure is that I am a people photographer. I feel the frame is incomplete with a face in it. We see a lot of people in real life but the faces radiate when we see them in our dreams. That is one quality which I always try to bring in my pictures. Portraitures, Conceptuals, Fine Art, Fashion, Vintage - interest goes that way.

Born and raised in India, a lot of my pictures celebrate my ethnicity. Currently residing in Nashua, NH, USA with my husband Arun. I work as a software professional Monday to Friday and as a photographer over the weekends. I do lifestyle, fashion, wedding and event photography for clients around Boston.Planning to continue to translate the ideas which comes to mind into photographs. I have to think my friends/muses Tinku& Sheethal for believing in me even when I wasn’t sure of myself and for being my beautiful guinea pigs.

I am a 100% Canon girl. I shoot mostly with Canon 5D Mark3 and a Canon7D. 90% of the time I use the 70-200 f2.8 lens, rest with my favorite primes 50mm 1.4,35mm 1.4. I depend mostly on natural light,use a 580 speedlite to supplement and got few strobes for my indoor shoots.Lots more idling in my Amazon wish list to be checked out by my struggling venture capitalist hubby :)

I am active on my Facebook page(facebook.com/DeepaJacobPhotography). Follow in Facebook and thanks a lot for stopping by. I will let the pictures of the rest of the blah.